2017 has seen a great increase in C-Job’s activities. This started with the opening of a third office in the Netherlands at the beginning of the year. And then, at the international level, the company announced the placement of a Middle East and Africa representative in Dubai (UAE), and most recently, the opening of its first overseas office in Ukraine.


Continuing this growth, C-Job has taken its first steps into the North American market. “We really started focusing more on the American market by participating during last year’s Western Dredging Association (WEDA) conference,” says Managing Director Basjan Faber. “And since then, in order to increase our presence and generate business there, we have taken on an agent. This is Greg Holder, a well-known name in the American dredging industry.”


Opening moves

This initial attention to the dredging industry is deliberate; C-Job has built up a strong portfolio of projects for globally recognized dredging operators over the years. “The North American market, including both the USA and Canada, are both growing economies, and we believe that we can contribute a lot of experience and skills in terms of the engineering services. And considering that the Jones Act does not include ship design and engineering, there are certainly lots of possibilities for us.”


Strong ambition

It is a strategy that has proved successful: “We have already concluded a number of interesting dredging projects for the American market over the previous year, representing about 10,000 engineering hours,” Basjan explains. “And we still have some ongoing projects too.”


In terms of ambitions for growth, C-Job is on the lookout for further opportunities in the American maritime market. “This is a very important part of the world, and we really would like to contribute to the maritime industry there. After starting off with these opening contracts for the dredging industry, we will take it step by step in other maritime sectors too. For example, offshore, ferries, inland shipping, mega-yachts – we have the diversity of skills required to make a difference.”