Accelerated Concept Design

With its research into Accelerated Concept Design, C-Job Naval Architects wants to increase optimisation and automation in the ship design process. The end result will be ships that better meet their design requirements. “It is more than that though,” adds C-Job Naval Architect Thijs Muller. “Accelerated concept design is also about removing uncertainty. About giving ship-owners confidence and reducing their Total Cost of Ownership.” With initial studies complete, the research has so far produced some promising results.

Ammonia as ship’s fuel: C-Job’s future-proof way of thinking

In terms of fuel, the shipping industry is becoming more and more aware of its impact on the environment. Considering the long-term, what sustainable fuels present viable and realistic possibilities for the maritime sector? One option that is just too promising to be overlooked is ammonia, says C-Job Naval Architect Niels de Vries. “Ammonia is easily sourced and has carbon-free emissions. Furthermore, thanks to the long-standing fertilizer industry, safe working practices are well established.”