Compliance Tool

1). Future regulations will be dealt with in the future. For now, compliance to the Sulphur-regulations only is important.

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2). The shipping industry should be doing more to limit their impact on climate change.

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3). Percentage of time in Emission Controlled Areas:

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4). Capital Expenses are more important than the operational expenses in my decision for which compliance option to choose for my vessel(s).

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5). Available budget is not an issue when deciding on the compliance option.

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6). A few weeks more downtime now is more favorable than a chance on more downtime later.

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7). Any additional systems needed for compliance must take up as little space as possible, even if this results in an increase of weight.

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8). The availability of the needed fuel after 2020 is not of much importance (e.g. Fuel is bunkered in large ports with multiple suppliers).

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9). The compliance option for the Sulphur regulations must result in the most positive impact on the environment.

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