“When it comes to providing a positive working environment, it is vital that a company doesn’t take its eye off the ball. After all, people play a central role in any company.” C-Job Head of Business Support Carine Koetsier is talking about C-Job’s recent certification as a Great Place to Work.



It was with this mind-set of ‘putting people first’ that Carine approached Great Place to Work, an international employment research organisation that, to quote from their own website, ‘helps organisations create exceptional, high performing workplaces where employees feel trusted and valued’. It is important to note that this was the first time that C-Job had participated in this research.

To receive the Great Place to Work certification, a company has to demonstrate that its staff feels valued, trusted and proud of what they do and who they work for. Fitting into the needs of the modern working world, a Great Place to Work offers employees personal and professional development while highlighting the importance of a healthy and productive work/life balance.



Trusted and valued

The first part of the research was a questionnaire for the entire team of staff. “The major themes of this were respect, honesty and credibility. These are all very important issues, which together determine the amount of trust that people have in their employer,” she explains.

“The second part was their so-called Culture Audit, which analysed the organisational culture within C-Job. This takes a snapshot of how we work with our employees by looking at the nine different themes of Hiring, Inspiring, Speaking, Listening, Thanking, Caring, Developing, Celebrating and Sharing.”


C-Job’s Culture Audit is an extensive document. Here below are a few excerpts from it.

> Developing

The first level of training within C-Job is known as the C-Job Academy, during which information is shared amongst colleagues in an informal setting. The drive behind it was the enthusiasm and curiosity that we had as a team.


> Celebrating

Celebrating successes, special occasions and having fun together are important pillars in the C-Job culture.


> Sharing

Every day we have lunch together and during these lunches we share our stories about work, hobbies and families. Due to this informal atmosphere the management of C-Job is easily accessible for feedback and ideas.



Personal and professional

Carine Koetsier, Head of Business Support

The result of the research is that C-Job has received the Great Place to Work certification. The significance of this cannot be denied: there are a little less than 300 companies in the Netherlands certified as a Great Place to Work.

“We all are so proud that we can call ourselves a Great Place to Work,” says Carine, “especially as it was our first time taking part.

“For me personally, it confirms what it feels like to work here at C-Job. I have been working here for ten years and the time has flown by mainly due to the amazing people I work with. We have always felt that this is a great place to work and now this has been externally validated.

“On a professional level, this certification reaffirms that our HR vision is on the right track. It is C-Job’s aim to provide excellent employment conditions that offer opportunities for both personal and professional development, with a good work-life balance, and in which our team is committed to doing their best. All in all, a workplace where people feel valued and trusted.”