C-Job Naval Architects is pleased that Data Scientist Roy de Winter has been nominated for the 2018 MaritimeDesigner Award for his work on the ground-breaking ship design methodology called ‘Accelerated Concept Design’. The Maritime Designer Award will be awarded during the Maritime Awards Gala on 12 November 2018.



The Maritime Designer Award is a way for individual designers, PhD students, recent graduates and startups to highlight their work for the maritime industry.

On being nominated for the prestigious award, Roy says: “I’m incredibly honoured the panel considered my work for the Maritime Designer Award. My research shows that when you combine different disciplines you can come up with innovative new methods for the maritime industry.”


In short, the Accelerated Concept Design revolutionises the classic design spiral. C-Job now uses the Design Circle [figure above] that gives us the possibility to optimise any concept design.

The optimisation process starts after the naval architect has created and parameterized a concept design [figure above]. Powerful software then works through different combinations of decision variables – optimising the concept design by changing the hull shape, geometry and compartmentation.

Because it is impossible for a naval architect to consider the countless design variables, constraints and objectives, the process is guided by the CEGO (Constrained Efficient Global Optimisation) algorithm. This was developed by Roy in close collaboration with the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science. CEGO is highly efficient; effectively removing human input from the design loop. This saves a great deal of repetitive work and can produce exciting innovations.

The optimisation process yields a number of optimised design variations. After consultation with the client, one of these is chosen. Here, the naval architect takes over – drawing the general arrangement, hull, geometry and compartmentation in more detail Towards Class Approval and workshop drawings.


Watch Roy’s nomination video