Andrey Zherebetsky, Managing Director of C-Job Nikolayev, chooses two words to describe the first 12 months of operations at C-Job’s first overseas office in Ukraine. “This first year has been very effective and very intense,” he says.



Mirroring the growth witnessed by his colleagues at other C-Job offices, Andrey has overseen the expansion of the Ukrainian team from five to 50 engineers. “We have focused heavily on improving professional and English skills at the same time and this allows us to be as close as possible to our clients.”


It is a big advantage taking into account the expansion of C-Job Nikolayev to several markets in different countries. “In addition to the Dutch companies, we perform detail design and engineering for clients from Finland, Estonia, UAE, Singapore and France.


“It was only September 2017 when our team started and the results speak for themselves. During this year we were involved in more than 20 projects including fishing vessels, cruise and mega yachts, tugs, dredgers, scrubbers and laser scanned projects, FEM analysis, special vessels and fish farming solutions.”




It must be said, however, that the first year of C-Job Nikolayev hasn’t all been hard work. To celebrate the first anniversary a corporate event was held on September 21-23. The culmination of these days was the international C-Job Regatta 2018 on September 22nd, which took place in Odessa on the banks of the Black Sea.



“Because the love for sailing is shared by many of our Dutch colleagues, we invited people from all three of the Dutch offices to enter a team.” Initially intended as a teambuilding event, Andrey is thinking about developing the race further. “This event marks the beginning of a great tradition, which will unite the Ukrainian-Dutch engineers from year to year.”


Future plans

Looking forward, Andrey wants to use the growth of C-Job Nikolayev company as a basis for continued development. “With the skills and experience in detail engineering we have, we are looking to widen our specializations and to increase the range of the offered engineering services for example FEM calculations, diagrams and interior design. Participation in flagship R&D programs together with Dutch offices is one of our ideas too.”

“We understand our clients’ markets – and it is our aim to empower our clients’ business.”