DEME has ordered a 15.000 m3 Multifunctional TSHD. C-Job Naval Architects was responsible for the Initial & Concept Design together with Belgium Dredging giant DEME.

The vessel will be called “Bonny River” and can be typed as the first of a new generation of Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers. The Bonny River will be built at Royal IHC.


What makes this vessel special is:

  •    The DEME vessel has a closed process water circuit which minimizes turbidity so it can dredge in environmental vulnerable areas;
  •    Dual Fuel engines (Diesel & LNG) to optimize fuel consumption levels, minimize the CO2 footprint and significantly reduces NOx, SOx and Small Particles emissions;
  •    The optimized hull design with a transport capacity of 24.000 tonnes has a limited depth when loaded. This makes the vessel very competitive and highly suitable for shallow water and coastal protection assignments;
  •    Carrying a “Green Passport” and a “Clean Design” classification which is a certification for owners and contractors that build and operate their vessels in an environmental friendly manner;
  •    Long suction pipe with a built-in submersible pump and a second shorter suction pipe with heavy-duty rock draghead, which enables the vessel to extract sand from more than a 100 meters deep and operating hard soils areas. This makes the ‘Bonny River’ a multidisciplinary vessel as it can remove hard soil which was not able to be dredged in the past.

The Bonny River will be built at Royal IHC

To read the full DEME press release, please click here.