Passenger vessels

C-Job always takes your goals and needs as the starting point. We then apply our optimised solutions – co-creating tailor-made vessels that not only match your unique requirements, but also give you the upper hand.

TESO | Texelstroom

C-Job was responsible for the initial, concept & basic design for this double-ended ferry which sails between the beautiful Dutch island of Texel and Den Helder.

GVB | Electric Heavy-Duty Ferries

Due to stricter emissions regulations, public transport is becoming more and more sustainable. For GVB C-Job designed the electric Ro-Ro ferry to recharge their batteries during the unloading and loading of passengers and vehicles.

R&D | NH3 Powered Ferry & Cruise vessels

C-Job foresees the need for renewable future-proof fuels and has identified ammonia to be one of the high potentials.

TESO | Dr. Wagemaker

C-Job Naval Architects was responsible for the engineering to fortify the hull of the Dr. Wagemaker. The same mooring system will be used for the new TESO ferry: The Texelstroom.

Stena Line | Stena Transit & Transporter

As regulations are demanding vessels to be cleaner, we assisted Stena Line with the integration of a Wärtsila scrubber system.

Taking the lead requires innovations

Our R&D team works closely with our project teams to incorporate out of the box solutions in our design. Assisting owners and shipyards with specialist knowledge and experience.