Powered by ammonia – the next step for the ferry and cruise industry

C-Job Naval Architects is active throughout multiple maritime industries such as dredging, offshore (wind), special cargo. This has resulted in the creation of many ground-breaking, as well as award-winning, designs.

C-Job foresees the need for renewable future-proof fuels and has identified ammonia to be one of the high potentials. Therefore, the company is working on concept ship designs integrating ammonia as a fuel reviewing options with both combustion engines and fuel cells.


Reducing the risk

C-Job has been researching the viability of ammonia as a ship’s fuel for some time now – and the results definitely look promising. Due to its long history in the fertilizer industry, it is an easily sourced material with established safe working practices, which for the maritime sector, is a major factor in risk analysis.

In terms of its sustainable characteristics, ammonia is more than suitable. Production is straightforward; it can even be produced using the periodic overcapacity of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. For propulsion requirements, ammonia-powered internal combustion technology already exists.


Clean sailing

And to top all that – and of particular relevance to the ferry industry – ammonia produces emissions that are not only carbon-free, but also soot-free. “This improvement in air quality, in combination with the knowledge that they are sailing on a sustainable vessel, will substantially heighten passenger comfort and satisfaction.”

C-Job is a company that stands ready to assist ship owners and operators with the upcoming 2020 IMO emissions regulations. “C-Job has a strong track record in optimizing the integration of mission equipment. For the ferry market, this includes the latest technologies relating to LNG and CNG propulsion, scrubber installation, peak shaving, heat recovery systems, HVAC, and noise and vibration minimisation.”

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The next step in C-Job’s ammonia research

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