Special Cargo Vessels

The efficiency of your vessels makes all the difference. However, at this level, you need a more in-depth assessment to speed up your operations. C-Job always takes your goals and needs as the starting point. We then apply our optimised solutions – co-creating tailor-made vessels that not only match your unique requirements, but also give you the upper hand.

CIG Shipbuilding | Atlantic Dawn series

C-Job was responsible for the full design scope for the 4400 DWT Heavy Lift Vessels for CIG Shipbuilding. The vessels can be used for multiple purposes. Project & Bulk cargo.

R&D | Flettner freighter

For the European project SAIL the 5000 DWT Flettner freighter was designed as an hybrid ship. Research showed that a complete sailing vessel without an engine is economically not feasible.Therefore this hybrid solution was developed.

Taking the lead requires innovations

Our R&D team works closely with our project teams to incorporate out of the box solutions in our design. Assisting owners and shipyards with specialist knowledge and experience.