Ship design & Engineering

Within a few days’ time, we move from an empty screen to a 3D design. Within a minimum time span, that design changes into a fully developed 3D model that can be used to efficiently construct an entire ship.

From dream to delivery

There are different stages between dream and delivery: the concept stage, the basic draft stage and the detail stage.

Although we naturally prefer to design a ship from start to finish, we master each and every stage in the design process. We can intervene at any point in time, be this during the concept stage or while construction plans are being drafted.

Ship design stages


Concept Stage

The first stage of designing a ship is when we transform your dream into a realistic concept.

This is the tender package consisting of a general plan, main cross section, tank plan, stability report and technical specifications in which the ship is described. This will enable you to request shipyards for price quotations.

During this stage, you will be struck by how quickly and accurately we understand and transform your requirements and requests. We transpose the draft into virtual reality and share it with you.


Basic stage

The second stage of designing a ship consists of converting all the drawings of the concept into a basic design in which we determine the characteristic properties of the ship by further developing the conceptual plan.

Accuracy and sound technical know-how are essential when doing this because the classification office will have approved the draft by the end of this stage. Their smooth approval is in both your and our interests. We know what their requirements are but compile a draft plan in which the client’s requirements take precedence.

Detail Stage

During the third stage of designing the ship we work out the basic design to the tiniest detail.

The essential skills for this stage are an eye for detail, perfectionism and practicality.

The end product of this stage is the final workshop drawings with which the yard can start construction.

How does Accelerated Concept Design work?

Our free Webinar ‘The evolution of ship design’. will explore the principles and its potential to transform ship design.

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