Ship Design & Engineering

A ship is not just a ship. It’s the set of tools that you need to accomplish your mission. Therefore, the design, technical equipment and on-board facilities must all serve that mission. We believe that every ship and every innovation can only show its true worth when helping the ship owner to optimise operations.

C-Job design process

Our workflow is geared to the entire ship design and construction process, including all the complexities that characterize the various phases.

It doesn’t matter at what stage you call on us, whether it’s from the outset or further down the line; our starting point is that by a better understanding of your needs, your project will run faster and more efficiently.

Ship design stages


Concept stage

After exploring all the key issues and potential solutions with you, we develop your ideas and needs into a realistic Concept Design. We can present this in 3D or even in virtual reality; optimised with intelligent data-driven systems and genetic algorithms. We know exactly how the design will perform and if there are any consequences for the production process. The developed tender package contains everything needed for shipyards to create quotes.


Basic stage

We develop your Concept Design into a Basic Design 3D model while ensuring continuous compliance with the classification society, up to and including approval. This approved basic design can be further developed into a detailed design. However, if certain information needs to be elaborated upon, we also provide an Information Package (Functional Design), which ensures that the basic and detailed stages fully correspond with each other.

Functional Stage

Basic design can be concluded with preliminary info of sufficient accuracy and without yard specifics. The functional design might be added between basic and detail design, to enhance the basic design package with final equipment and outfitting information and yard specifics, in order to have a more defined input to detail engineering.


Detail stage

We take your basic design to the next level with real-life construction drawings and logistical production information. The shipyard can start work immediately with a design that seamlessly matches the work processes and standards. We leave no room for interpretation, which significantly increases the efficiency of the production process. And due to our focus on engineering, considerable savings are also made by minimising loss in hours and materials.

How does Accelerated Concept Design work?

Our free Webinar ‘The evolution of ship design’. will explore the principles and its potential to transform ship design.

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