On-site Project Assistance

At C-Job, we do not see ourselves solely as an Engineering company, but as a complete knowledge network. We offer our services at your location and provide you with the most qualified and engaged professionals in the industry.

Our assistance, your solution

When a shipyard or a colleague companies are facing a peak in capacity demand or when they are requesting specific knowledge, we like to give our contribution by providing On-site Assistance worldwide.

C-Job delivers



Our C-Job professionals are educated before detached by our C-Job Academy.

In addition to this internal training, also our lead engineers assist the placed professional if needed to achieve result.



At C-Job, we believe in sharing knowledge. We consider it important that the Netherlands is at the forefront of innovative and sustainable shipbuilding.

We can only achieve a high quality level when companies in the maritime industry work together. By sharing our knowledge, we will strengthen our long lasting relationships in the Netherlands, but also globally.

Professionals ++

Our employees at C-Job all have a passion for ships and have evolved into specialists in their field. Our people are professionals with more than just a good education. We like to pass on the knowledge and experience of those professionals. Externally, by seconding our employees and internally by focusing specifically on guiding trainees and training recently qualified employees.

The result

Is that the best and most specialized employees in the sector work for C-Job. We are proud of the marine knowledge that we have. Not only do we use this knowledge for our own projects, but we also want to assist colleague offices and shipyards.

Please feel free to contact Art Smits to explore what C-Job’s Project Assistance can do for you.