The evolution of ship design

This webinar will demonstrate how our Accelerated Concept Design can be put to effect in real-world ship design applications.

ing. Thijs Muller

Lead Naval Architect, at C-Job

NAPA and C-Job invite you to learn more about the implementation of Accelerated Concept Design – a way to automate and optimize the concept stage of the ship design process using genetic algorithms together with a 3D model developed for early design phases.

This webinar will explore the principles behind Accelerated Concept Design and its potential to transform ship design.


Video webinar

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How does Accelerated Concept Design work?

Our free Webinar ‘The evolution of ship design’. will explore the principles and its potential to transform ship design.

View webinar - The evolution of ship design

How genetic algorithms are powering Accelerated Concept Design

In this Darwinian process, successive ‘generations’ of ship designs are created; each generation of individual designs inheriting the most successful characteristics of its predecessors speeding up the design process towards effective final designs. This method has long been theorized as applicable to ship design and is finally becoming a reality thanks to increases in computing power and advanced software development.

C-Job and NAPA are collaborating on Accelerated Concept Design, C-Job as a design office using NAPA software to explore a given design space for the most effective design alternative towards total cost of ownership, while ensuring that the ship meets necessary safety standards.