What did C-Job achieve in 2018? Check everything you need to know in this infographic about C-Job, the largest independent ship design & engineering company in the Netherlands.

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It’s time to celebrate: C-Job is a Great Place to Work!

C-Job Naval Architects has been certified as a Great Place to Work. C-Job Head of Business Support Carine Koetsier: “We have always felt that this is a great place to work and now this has been externally validated. Our HR vision is on the right track; providing excellent employment conditions with opportunities for both personal and professional development. A workplace where people feel valued and trusted.”

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Meeting the needs of the dredging industry

New build or existing vessel, CSD or TSHD, diesel-electric or LNG, large of small, it is fair to say that C-Job’s dredging experience is comprehensive. Lead Naval Architect Sjoerd Bouma discusses the importance of close cooperation and attentive listening skills when taking on a dredging project.

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Finite Element Analysis – getting a closer look

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computer simulation technique of solving complex structural engineering problems. For a naval architectural company like C-Job, FEA allows precise calculation of stresses, fatigue and vibrations without having to build a prototype. This precision enables more informed and more effective decision making in the early stages of ship design to create more efficient vessels.

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