The next generation

Within a generation, the marine industry will look completely different. Digitalization, an expanding world population, globalization, progressive technology will all have a tremendous impact. The most significant change, though, will be sustainability. Climate change, circular economy, new energy sources will dramatically affect ‘the naval business model’ and drive innovation in an unprecedented manner.

This creates enormous possibilities for designers, shipbuilders and -owners. As a dedicated naval architect, C-Job is driving change. Architectural innovation is our job. Over a decade ago, we started with solar and batteries on a ferry. We were one of the first architects to experiment with future fuels, such as NH3. We developed algorithms to design beyond human capabilities and applied big data to lower the total cost of ownership.

We help our clients to build better ships, become 100% sustainable, and run better because of it. Our portfolio of services, designs, and programs guarantees better opex and capex for new vessels, as well as existing ones. Our global team of dedicated engineers, it-consultants, supervisors, and project managers are passionate about making it happen: a sustainable maritime industry in one generation.

Dedicated Naval Architects