Combining interior design and engineering

C-Job Naval Architects offers interior design and engineering for all types of vessels. By integrating the two parts, C-Job creates a unique integration of design and engineering to benefit your ship.

We are able to realize the full potential of your ship, no matter how complex the project. We consider the interior in every step of our design phase. Furthermore, our team integrates interior design with its engineering. This allows our team to consider engineering while creating the design and vice versa. This unique approach enables us to create an impeccable interior while ensuring its optimum incorporation in the overall arrangement.

“When we speak to clients the feedback that we often hear is: ‘We either talk to designers or we talk to engineers. We never talk to a party that can combine both disciplines.’ In other words, what we are offering is really unique.”
- Gijs Peters, Lead Interior
Gijs Peters Project Manager / Lead Interior Rotterdam black and white
“Our integrated multidisciplinary approach is more streamlined and efficient in terms of timing. Structural engineering, mechanical engineering, piping, HVAC, and other areas – because all these subjects are considered in the interior design, the quality of the finished vessel is improved.”
- Gijs Peters, Lead Interior
Gijs Peters Project Manager / Lead Interior Rotterdam black and white
“The interior design has an impact on how people will move around and work onboard. What’s more, it has a very broad scope of influence – affecting the ergonomics of the engine room, or the atmosphere in the accommodation, for instance. Here, we use visualization to validate a design”
- Geoffrey Smits, Lead Visualizations
Geoffrey Smits Lead Naval Architect Rotterdam black and white

Visualization x Interior

Interior design and engineering go hand in hand with visualizations. The interior team works closely together with the visualizations team to create realistic renders, animations, interactive viewers, 360° interior panoramas and fly-through animations.