What is C-Job onsite and building supervision

C-Job is more than a naval architectural and maritime engineering company that works in its own offices. We can also offer our services at your location – providing you with qualified and dedicated professionals. As well as adding the skills and capacity of additional engineers, this provides our clients with full access to C-Job’s comprehensive knowledge network.

It is a flexible service that encompasses the entire ship design and construction process: from concept design all the way to delivery and operations. You choose what services you need. It is tailor-made to your requirements – we can take on the whole scope or just one part of a project.

Depending on what capacity you need, we can offer one engineer or a whole team dedicated to your project. We are also flexible in terms of timing; weeks, months, or years – it is all possible.

Design & engineering support

C-Job provides naval architectural and maritime engineering support for the whole design process: concept, basic and detail design. This is not so different from what we do at our own offices. The big difference is that the collaborative process is strengthened.

Whether you need naval architectural support with the concept design or more specialist input during the detail phase, we are there to help.

Building supervision

Building supervision can be an extension of the design process at C-Job or it can be a stand-alone service. With any new build or retrofit, there are many elements that either aid or need to happen outside the design of a ship. Think of investigating the as-built vessel before a retrofit or the process of purchasing and outsourcing during the build. C-Job has the knowledge and resources in-house to carry out the complete process of building supervision. This can be either on the behalf of a shipowner – safeguarding and representing their interests during the shipbuilding process. C-Job can also be hired by the shipyard and be an extension of their team to help execute the building contract. Our building supervision specialists make the transition from design to construction smoother.

Inspection & tests

Once the vessel is near completion, C-Job can support inspections and tests such as:

  • Inclining experiments
  • Deadweight checks
  • Weight surveys
  • 3D scanning
  • Crane load tests
  • Support NDT inspections
  • Support FAT / SAT
  • Support during sea trials
  • Support commissioning