C-Job Naval Architects Expanding to Greece in Response to Increased Demand

C-Job Naval Architects, the global independent ship design and engineering company, is set to open an office in Greece. The office set to be in Athens will open this spring and allows the company to grow in response to increased demand.

C-Job veteran Nikos Papapanagiotou will take on the role of General Manager and will lead the new office in Athens. He says: “C-Job has seen significant growth over the past few years in both the industry as well as in the demand for our services. To enable us to continue to meet this demand now and in the future, we are opening an office in Athens.

“We’ve a history of working with naval architects and engineers from Greece and have close relations to several universities. By opening an office in Athens, we’re excited to be able to provide opportunities for local talent; both young and senior, to come work for us as well as expand on our Research and Development efforts.”

C-Job is renowned for its innovative ship design and engineering and has a strong track-record in several industries including ferries, dredging, offshore (wind) and mega yachts. The company also has a dedicated Research and Development department which focuses on new ways to improve and be innovative with both its designs and creation process.

Nikos continues: “Greece has a rich history in shipping and remains at the center of the global maritime industry today. By opening an office in the heart of this activity in Athens we can make full use of the opportunities the market provides.”

C-Job currently has five offices worldwide with its headquarters on the outskirts of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Last Summer it opened an office in Houston, Texas to be closer to its American clients and further explore the US market.

The ship design company believes clients should be closely involved in the entire ship design process, as it benefits the end product. With multiple locations worldwide, including this new location in Athens, C-Job is able to support their clients no matter where they’re based to develop new, innovative and sustainable solutions to their specifications.