Building Supervision

At C-Job we are only satisfied when the ship owner is delivered a vessel which can accomplish its mission effectively. As this sometimes requires support during construction, we offer Building Supervision worldwide.

How it works


In order to ensure accurate engineering for existing vessels we make thorough analysis of the existing situation by 3D scanning.


We make the initial contacts with contractors – both onshore and offshore, on board or on-site – to achieve the most practical approach for their challenging projects.


In our role of site manager or superintendent, we protect the interests of ship-owners; acting as intermediary between shipping company and shipyard.

For every phase

C-Job has an extensive and proven expertise of construction supervision and site management. We offer Building Supervision from the preliminary phase of fabrication up to and including vessel delivery.

By supplementing our ship design and engineering solutions in this way, any hurdles in the path to the perfect solution are expertly eliminated. It supplements the engineering process; maintaining short and especially practical lines between the numerous phases of engineering, section fabrication, outfitting, commissioning and delivery. Valid for both newbuilding and renovation projects, all procedures occur within the applicable regulations, budget and planning.

I provide weekly progress reports containing relevant information and photographs. The benefit is that our client saves visiting time and they can see directly what is happening.

Hans Stoit

Project Manager, C-Job

Construction Supervision for TESO at La Naval Spain

Construction Supervision Crane installation

Offshore projects? No problem

Our construction supervisors, site managers and superintendents are also permitted to perform work offshore. All our offshore personnel have all the necessary certification (OPITO BOSIET, HUET etc). Regarding worldwide (offshore) construction supervision or inspectionwe can handle every project phase.