C-Job Athens Celebrates Their 2-year Anniversary

In March of 2022, C-Job Athens celebrated their two-year anniversary! A lot has changed since the office first opened its doors, and for this issue of the NewsFlash the team shared with us their reflections from the past two years.

The C-Job Athens office opened in 2020 as a response to significant growth and the demand for our services, as well as the desire to be located more closely to various clients in a growing maritime hub. Veteran C-Jobber Nikos Papapanagiotou was asked to be the integrator between the two worlds. Because of Nikos’ extensive maritime knowledge and roots in Greece, he was the perfect person to head the new office. Nikos didn’t expect to move back to Greece so soon, but it was a running joke at the company that one day he would move back and open a new C-Job office. It was a few years in the making, Nikos comments, “a joke became a reality, and this reality was like making a childhood dream come true.”

In the two years since the office opened, the team has grown to 10 people. It became increasingly necessary for our C-Jobbers to have a place of their own rather than the shared workspace they were previously working in. For that reason, the office moved to a new location in the center of Athens on March 1st. The new location is comfortable and modern, and is the ideal location to accommodate the growing team in an atmosphere that encompasses C-Job. All of the employees were excited about the move, Nikos told us that the new office “feels like going to our home… it can be decorated how we like and can be made more functional for the whole team.”

The team is exceptionally close, despite the fact that the office was opened right at the start of the pandemic and most of the work over the past two years has been done at home. Chrysi Giannikaki, Naval Architect and Visualization Specialist, only started working at C-Job Athens in October. She says “Although I joined the team in the middle of the pandemic, working from home did not stand in the way of productivity, teamwork and a sense of inclusion at work.”

C-Job Athens colleague group photo in office

The common thread across all of the C-Job offices is trust, entrepreneurship, and international focus. No two days are the same thanks to the variety in projects. Spiros Georgakopoulos, Naval Architect, says “The quality of work and the excitement of the projects are my favorite things about working at C-Job. The projects are sometimes difficult, but you’re given plenty of space to learn and explore your skills.” No matter how long they’ve worked for the company, all of the employees shared experiences in common, they each bring something unique to the team and they feel appreciated for that.

Over the past two years C-Job Athens has taken on many exciting projects, leading to great accomplishments. Thanks to their local network, C-Job Athens has signed on various interesting projects from commercial cargo to passenger vessels to R&D. Excitingly, the team is making big steps towards zero-emission shipping in an effort towards C-Job’s mission, a sustainable maritime industry in one generation. They include creating multiple full concept designs of zero-emission vessels as well as taking part in the ENGIMMONIA project, a consortium focused on accelerating the use of alternative fuels and vessel decarbonization.

Most of all, they are all really proud of the team they’ve built together. Nikos described the team saying “The core team has good levels chemistry and balance, they are a team on which we would like to build even further in the future.” The future of C-Job Athens looks bright, and it’s something the employees are looking forward to. As he reflected on the past two years at C-Job Athens Andreas Orgetas, Lead Structural Engineer at C-Job Athens, told us, “It’s like if you’re watching a child grow, you know it will grow but you’re never ready for what’s coming next because it can be more exciting than you imagine. I’m eager to see what is coming next. I have a very good feeling about that.”