C-Job Gdańsk Celebrates Their 2-year Anniversary

This July our Gdańsk office is turning two-years old! To mark the upcoming anniversary we talked to C-Job Gdańsk Director Slawomir Graban and Office Assistant Marta Uba.

The C-Job Gdańsk office opened in 2020, in the middle of a pandemic. While it may seem like a less than an ideal start, the team has worked hard to make C-Job Naval Architects a recognized name in the Polish maritime industry. One of the main reasons for opening the office was because of its location. The Port of Gdańsk is one of the largest in Eastern Europe. The office is in close proximity to the Baltic Sea and offers close contact to the Scandinavian market. To accompany the great location, there is also a large pool of engineering talent in the area, thanks to the technical university.

Slawomir and General Project Manager Jakub Graban have been with C-Job Gdańsk since the beginning and together with a small team of experienced engineers, started building the office from the ground up.  The opening of the office was an exciting time, with lots of opportunity for new tasks and learning. Marta joined the team only a few months later and was especially looking forward to starting her new challenge as it was her first job on the Polish market, saying “It was an exciting time because it was a new office. I knew it would be a creative opportunity with lots of room to learn and put my own mark on things. There were lots of new procedures and things to set up.” Thanks to the organization and smoothness of the opening, the Gdańsk team currently has 14 members and continues to grow. Recently, a few members of our Nikolayev team have relocated to the Gdańsk office, making the team 23 people. Because of the pandemic there has not been much opportunity for staff outings, but the team has managed to gather for some special events, like their Christmas dinner in Old Town Gdańsk.

C-Job Gdansk team Christmas dinner 2021

Due to ongoing events in Ukraine, our Gdańsk team has ardently opened their arms to welcome some of our Ukrainian colleagues into their office. “It has changed the dynamic of the office, but only in a good way, they are all really nice and a great addition to the team.” Marta said. C-Job is extremely thankful to the Gdańsk team for doing everything in their power to make our Ukrainian colleagues feel welcome and at home in their new surroundings.

Over the past two years the Gdańsk office has had many accomplishments. According to Slawomir, namely building a team of experienced engineers during a challenging time. After two years he is proud of the team they have built, but still eager to expand! Further, Slawomir is happy that the team is slowly growing and therefore acquiring more and more advanced projects. “It’s a success for us to provide basic engineering for C-Job’s many diverse projects,” he says “We’ve been waiting for some time to establish ourselves and be assigned to demanding technical and basic projects. This year we’re finally reaching those goals.” On a less technical side, they are proud that despite some uncertainties over the past two years, the office is still going strong. They are creating connections with other maritime companies in Poland and are starting to become recognized for their work on the market.

Reflecting over the past two years the office has experienced many positive things and improvements. Everyone has put in lots of hard work to get the office to where they are now.

The future of C-Job Gdańsk looks promising. Slawomir strongly believes that thanks to the great team, the office will only keep getting stronger and continue to be a recognised point of contact for basic engineering within the Polish maritime industry.