What are visualizations?

C-Job Naval Architects has a dedicated visualization team. They take an idea or design at any stage and develop suitable visualizations to support the project. We look at each situation to identify where we can add value to the project or process. This can range from ensuring engineers are on the same page through to supporting marketing activities and generate buy-in.

Renders are a great cost-effective option to show the design at any stage. Going a step further – animations showcase what a design can do or how a ship will behave in certain conditions. Finally, our latest tool – the interactive viewer – takes visualizations to the next level: 360-degree access to the envisioned design.

“During development, it can be difficult to understand how the design will translate into a physical ship. Our latest in-house developed tool – the Interactive Viewer – allows our clients to see their design come to life. Actually, it goes beyond. It gives them the opportunity to experience their design as if they walk across the deck or are inspecting the engine room.”
- Geoffrey Smits, Lead Visualizations
C-Job Lead Naval Architect Geoffrey Smits black and white


Static renders are generally a cost-effective option when images of a project are needed. In the early stages when there is limited information available, renders will ensure everyone on the project is on the same page rather than allowing individual interpretation of 2D drawings or calculations.

Thanks to our in-house knowledge, C-Job can create static renders even at short notice. No matter if C-Job is responsible for the engineering or if a third party delivers the required information.

All C-Job renders are created or validated by naval architects.



Animations are a great tool to provide a better understanding of what a design will be like. It can present a design as a proven concept – convincing even the most skeptical. Our visualization team can create an animation of the design sailing through various sea-state and weather conditions using our knowledge of stability, motions, and CFD calculations.

Animations can also be a great way to show complex maritime processes. Where static renders will have difficulty explaining the complete picture, animations leave no room for misunderstanding.

We also use our skills in complex maritime process animation to showcase our research & development projects: show the world our ideas for the future.


Interactive viewer

Our latest in-house developed tool takes visualizations to the next level. The interactive viewer holds a complete 3D model of the envisioned design and can be rotated across one or several axes providing 360-degree access.

The interactive viewer is tailored to each project and can host a range of additional features such as:

  • Interiors: technical areas to accommodations
  • Interactive animations of equipment
  • Deliverables such as 2D arrangement drawings, technical specifications, and material lists