How the C-Job Power-Dredge is impacting customizable ship design

In the maritime industry we are always in search of how we can reduce lead time and put vessels into operation faster. This goes directly in conflict with the desire to achieve a design tailored to operational profile and budget. C-Job has found a solution for just this.

Often when shipowners are in the market for a new dredger, off the shelf designs are often rigid and limited with no room for changes. This can lead to clients who are not fully satisfied with their end product as there may be unchangeable features which do not match their operational requirements. Being able to tailor your vessel to your needs is part of a fulfilling purchase.

If a customer doesn’t have the time or resources to hire a naval architect to design a custom built dredge for them, they often resort to the latter, a standard design which is not tailored specifically to their needs. C-Job recognized this issue and wanted to come up with a solution for our clients which made the buying process fast and reduces overall lead time. In order to bridge the gap between standard designs and custom designs, we came up with a dredge design which could be built on stock, as well as having the ability to be tailored to the customer’s needs during the building process. The standardized design, a 3000 cubic meter TSHD, has customizable aspects which customers are free to change in line with their needs, such as the type of engine the vessel is equipped with.

The resulting design, the C-Job Power-Dredge, is a flexible concept design which is able to be customized to be completely in line with client requirements and a basic design which is completely in line with class requirements. All of the structural and piping engineering for the design was completed in CADMATIC and the continuous focus from C-Job’s engineers throughout the design process resulted in a tailored engineering package. It’s hybrid diesel electric power generation setup is easily switched out for a different setup type.

C-Job Project Manager during the design process of the TSHD, Bas van Veldhuizen, elaborates further that “Throughout the engineering process of the vessel, the design and engineering package is tailored focusing on production requirements and building processes. This design is ready to be tailored in-house to whatever our clients specific demands may be.”

C-Job Project Manager Bas van Veldhuizen

Reducing the project timeline and offering designs which are tailored to our clients needs are extremely important to C-Job. Because the Power-Dredge is a readily available design with adaptable elements, the design and build time are severely reduced for our clients.

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