Our knowledge and experience extends beyond offshore, dredging, passenger vessels, and yachts. At C-Job, we create the next generation. We show what’s possible through innovation, sustainable solutions, and new technology. Our portfolio of services, designs, and programs guarantees better OPEX and CAPEX for new commercial vessels, as well as existing ones.

Kotug | E-Pusher 1

On behalf of Padmos and their client Kotug, C-Job Naval Architects assisted Kotug and Padmos in designing the Kotug E-Pusher 1. Together with the team at Padmos, C-Job assisted the parties in developing the concept design and the engineering of the basic and detail designs of the vessel, as well as providing building support, project management at Padmos, and part of the commissioning of the vessel.

The innovative design is fully electric and zero-emission. The pusher tug was designed to transport barges of cocoa beans between the harbor in Amsterdam and Cargill’s factory in Zaandam. The hull of the vessel is made out of HDPE, a special type of plastic, and is the first of its kind. The installed battery container is modular and can easily be switched for a different energy source if necessary.

Amogy | Tug with Ammonia-to-Power Technology

Amogy selected C-Job Naval Architects as the ship design partner to retrofit a tug with ammonia-to-power technology. C-Job will integrate Amogy’s ammonia-to-power system into the tugboat and lay out the framework for execution activities at the shipyard, including retrofitting construction, engine removal, and more.

LH2 Europe & C-Job | Liquid Hydrogen Tanker

C-Job Naval Architects has worked in collaboration with LH2 Europe to design a brand new class of liquid hydrogen tanker. C-Job developed the initial design of the 141 meter liquid hydrogen tanker which boasts a storage capacity of 37,500 cubic meters.

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Product specifications
Vessel type
Liquid hydrogen tanker
Length overall
141.75 m
Rule length
135.75 m
34.90 m
8.75 m
Draught design
5.80 m
Installed power
5,000 kWe
14 knots
14 crew
Cargo tank capacity
3 x 12,500 m3

Blusboot | Amsterdam Fire Department

C-Job assisted the Amsterdam Fire Department on the design and build of one of their new fireboats. Aside from technical aspects such as the general arrangements, firefighting system diagram, and feasibility studies, C-Job also supervised the build of the vessel on behalf of the fire department.

To improve the vessel from the previous design, the pumping capacity was increased, the number of engines were reduced, and the space was designed more efficiently by combining the crew area with the wheelhouse.

The vessel was built at Damen Hardinxveld and has been in service since 2017.

C-Job | LNG Bunker Vessel

C-Job Naval Architects sees LNG as a transition fuel towards a sustainable industry. There are only a limited number of LNG bunker vessel designs available, therefore C-Job created an initial design to fit the niche.

The C-Job LNG Bunker Vessel is designed mainly for bunkering operations within a port, and to serve as short-sea LNG tanker. The vessel is equipped with 2 bi-lobe IMO Type-C LNG tanks, 2 deep well cargo pumps and a BOG management system.

Concordia Damen | AB INITIO

C-Job Naval Architects supported Concordia Damen with the winning tender and delivered the initial design for futuristic instruction ship AB INITIO for STC Group. STC Group is the leading educational association in the Netherlands for the maritime, transport, and harbour industry.



C-Job developed the full scope design of the Atlantic Dawn series for CIG Shipbuilding. The 4400 DWT heavy lift vessels are used for multiple purposes including project and bulk cargo.

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Product specifications
211.7 m
16.8 m
9.3 m
Gross tonnage
Net tonnage
3,545 t (open)
Sailing speed
18 kn
Bureau Veritas


C-Job created the initial and concept design of an 8500 DWT Flettner Freighter for Switijnk Shipping. The design features two Norsepower Rotor Sails which will supplement the main engines resulting in fuel savings of approximately 14 percent.

Holland Shipyards | Eddy Tug

C-Job worked together with Holland Shipyards on the cooling water system for the double-ended ‘Eddy’ tug. This project with Holland Shipyards involved integrating four engines and multiple auxiliary coolers for the thrusters within one freshwater cooling circuit.

Padmos | Rose de Cascia

C-Job supported Padmos with basic and detail engineering of the fishing vessel Rose de Cascia.