A Visit to Ukraine for C-Job Nikolayev’s Two Year Anniversary

C-Job Nikolayev had its second anniversary at the end of September. To ask about what the team in Ukraine did to celebrate this special day, and to find out more about what it’s like to work there, the Newsflash caught up with General Project Manager Mikhail Bardin.

C-Job Nikolayev marked its first anniversary in 2018 by holding a sailing regatta in Odessa. That event was such a success that the company decided to return to this beautiful Ukrainian Black Sea coastal city once again this year. “It is becoming a very enjoyable tradition,” begins Mikhail. “We headed down to Odessa on the Friday afternoon to have a weekend of sailing and team building. And, just like last year, we were very happy to welcome some of our visiting Dutch colleagues.”


Enjoying the sun

“Sailing started on the Saturday morning with some very intense racing, but unfortunately we couldn’t complete the whole programme because the wind dropped off. We still had fun though; the weather was hot and perfect for swimming.”



The weekend’s itinerary included more than sailing and swimming however. With almost the entire team of 60 people from the C-Job Nikolayev office attending, the company management took the opportunity to hold a business training course and presented the company’s results and shared the strategy for the future. “I must say that last year was very exciting. The team has grown significantly which allowed the company to increase turnover by 40%. We extended our portfolio with valuable new clients from the Netherlands, USA, Finland and France.”


Skills development

Mikhail joined C-Job Nikolayev in January 2018 as a mechanical engineer. His responsibilities have grown since then and he now works as General Project Manager. “Every new project is different and so brings new challenges. We work on diverse vessel types – yachts, fishing vessels or passenger vessels, for instance – so it’s very dynamic.”

The internal training programmes that C-Job offers its personnel enables them to develop their knowledge and skills. On this subject, Mikhail is no exception; he has taken part in a number of courses during his time on the C-Job Nikolayev team. “This has included two CADMATIC and two AVEVA courses, as well as a management training programme.”


Ringing the bell



Mikhail is keen to point out that the annual sailing regatta is not the only time that the team at C-Job Nikolayev get together for social activities. “There is something organised at least twice per year. For example, last spring we all went white-water rafting in Myhiya. And then of course we have our daily ritual at the office. We have a bell in the office, and every morning we ring the bell at 10 o’clock – that’s the sign for us all to take a break and have coffee and cookies together. It’s a good moment to catch up with colleagues.”