C-Job and Työvene’s collaboration on ‘Ursa’

The one of a kind trailer suction hopper dredger (TSHD), Ursa, which C-Job designed and engineered for Finnish shipbuilding company Työvene for has been successfully launched.

Poland’s Maritime Administration needed a unique vessel which the Maritime office of Gdynia could use to help them preserve depth in the main waterway between the Gulf of Gdansk, through the Vistula Lagoon, to the Elbag River. They were in search of a company who could solve the problem through the creation of an innovative design. Työvene, a Finnish shipyard, had the answer, a trailer suction hopper dredger (TSHD) suitable for use in both deep and shallow waters. According to them, the multifaceted vessel could also be used to maintain track depth parameters of smaller ports of the Vistula Lagoon.

Työvene was in search of a reliable partner, which C-Job eagerly filled the role of, as the build of the vessel was the first ever dredger at their dock. Due to such a great challenge, a strong partnership was a necessity to the project.

“After securing such an exciting project, we were ready to face the challenge of building such a extensively tailored and detailed vessel.” said Työvene CEO Juha Granqvist, he continued saying “We are always looking to expand our track record into new segments and alongside C-Job, this project gave us the potential to broaden our range and gain new experience.”

C-Job was hired by Työvene to supply the full design scope and engineering of the vessel. The dredging equipment was supplied by another Dutch company, Holland MT, and was also integrated by C-Job.

The TSHD has a capacity of 950 m3, is 62.75 meters long, and features two propellers. It contains one suction drag arm with a maximum dredging depth of 18 meters. Her wheelhouse and accommodation area are placed at the front of the vessel, to ensure that she can pass through the Trasa Unii Europeiskej bridge. The completion of the vessel is expected in the first quarter of 2024.

The journey to her launch has been an exciting one filled with close collaboration with our clients and suppliers. Earlier this year, C-Job CEO Job Volwater and CFO Basjan Faber visited the yard in Finland where they got a chance to witness the vessel coming to life from the design.

C-Job Heerenveen General Manager and Project Manager during the collaboration says Harry Kikkert “Working together with Työvene was a great experience. It was a pleasure to work together with them and gain more experience in northern Europe and we look forward to the delivery of the vessel mid next year.”