C-Job Engineering: Cruise Vessels

Cruise liner shipbuilding requires an extremely high-quality approach and is open to sophisticated technologies. The process of building these giants with superlative spaces demands skilled engineers and a deep understanding of the subject.

Alyona Lepsheeva, Structure Coordinator of cruise projects, says: “For me it comes down to a question of awareness, innovation, and quality. The process of hull design for such specific curved and elegant sections is creative but strictly regulated by shipyard standards”.


Shipyard standards

The building methodology of any yard has its own specific standards. The pack of rules regulates the issuing of drawings to avoid errors, minimize remarks, and human factors.

C-Job Nikolayev team has successfully passed a quality management audit and meets the level of engineering preferable to subcontractors. The average quality exceeds 96% and is always higher than other subcontractors show.


Coordination of disciplines

The ruggedly handsome steel structure of the ship hides a large number of areas for comfort and recreation onboard. User-friendly equipment for swimming pools, restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs, and other entertainment, all these places we usually visit in cities far from one another, should be hidden narrowly and neatly between the hull and interior to release desired space for passengers.

Artem Yufitenko, Pipes and Systems Coordinator, believes that optimization of constructions is not only about beauty and comfort, but the cost is also important. One of the main challenges is avoiding collision during the building stage among interior, lifts, HVAC, cable trace, logistic ways, outfitting, pipes, and hull.


Team extension

C-Job Nikolayev has a flexible team of experienced engineers. Our in-house developed programs provide refreshment and extension of stuff without losing quality and offer highly customized engineering services.

Our innovative approach to a competitive market in the cruise liner building industry is a combination of a skilled adaptable team, awareness in all processes, and breaking down all stereotypes of quality.