Bernhard Schulte Cruise Services | MS Ambience

The cruise vessel MS Ambience has been converted to comply with the Tier III exhaust emissions. The cruise vessel has a length of 245 metres and can accommodate up to 1400 guests.

For the conversion, C-Job supported BSM-CS with the concept design for the exhaust gas treatment system and then completed the basic and detail design for this modification. A draft survey was also performed and the stability booklets were updated with the modifications.

The project includes the scanning of the relevant areas in 3D which is used as input information for the placement of equipment, foundations and determining pipe routing. All engineering was done in the 3D environment to minimize clashes on-board during installation.

The vessel resumed service during the spring of 2022.

MS Ambience view from quay
MS Ambience sailing view from the front
MS Ambience Ambassador Cruise Line