Oceandiva Cannes

C-Job has collaborated with OCEANDIVA to help design their first seagoing event ship. With specific requirements from OCEANDIVA, a detailed design brief was prepared and C-Job delivered a concept design which focused on guest experience and comfort.

Oceandiva Cannes at sea sails away from camera

The ship is unique as it is classed as a yacht and certified to sail with day guests, which will be able to host day events with up to 600 guests. The vessel also has the utilities to be used for international travel by up to 12 VIP guests at a time. Throughout the project, C-Job designers collaborated with OCEANDIVA’s designer to ensure the vessel would provide a high-end environment and experience for its guests.

The vessel provides an abundance of luxury amenities including six cabins, three decks, which are home to multiple event spaces and bars, a jacuzzi, and a fully functioning kitchen. The vessel will incorporate the use of a hybrid diesel-electric power supply and electric propulsion system to have the ability to host events and sail in and out of harbor completely on battery power.

Focusing on our skill as naval architects, we conducted an extensive motion analysis to maximize the operational window and enhance the guest experience of the vessel. The motion analysis was completed through the use of both NAPA and AQWA, and the results were used to optimize the hull shape of the vessel and to investigate the impact and suitability of various anti-roll devices.

Front view of Oceandiva sailing
Back view of Oceandiva in water
Oceandiva events pace bar
Oceandiva Cannes event space in the evening
Oceandiva VIP cabin bedroom
Oceandiva Cannes master bedroom view of bathroom and sunset