C-Job | LNG Bunker Vessel

C-Job Naval Architects sees LNG as a transition fuel towards a sustainable industry. There are only a limited number of LNG bunker vessel designs available, therefore C-Job created an initial design to fit the niche.

The C-Job LNG Bunker Vessel is designed mainly for bunkering operations within a port, and to serve as short-sea LNG tanker. The vessel is equipped with 2 bi-lobe IMO Type-C LNG tanks, 2 deep well cargo pumps and a BOG management system.

For ship-to-ship transfer operations, the vessel is fitted with an STS transfer system and an inert gas system, the main propulsion system is dual fuel driven. It has excellent manoeuvring capabilities, due to double azimuth steering thrusters with nozzles and an electrical driven bow thruster. When increased station keeping is required, the flexible design allows the possibility of a retractable thruster at the bow thanks to space reservation in the design.

The vessel is designed for minimum ballast operations, due to the optimized shallow water hull shape. It has a reduced draft for operation within ports, fast loading and discharging (with a flow rate of 1000m3/h) and the bunker vessel is designed to optimize its steel weight. The compact design ensures reduced operational and maintenance costs, as well as flexibility within harbour operation.

side view of C-Job LNG bunker vessel at sea