Kotug | E-Pusher 1

On behalf of Padmos and their client Kotug, C-Job Naval Architects assisted Kotug and Padmos in designing the Kotug E-Pusher 1. Together with the team at Padmos, C-Job assisted the parties in developing the concept design and the engineering of the basic and detail designs of the vessel, as well as providing building support, project management at Padmos, and part of the commissioning of the vessel.

The innovative design is fully electric and zero-emission. The pusher tug was designed to transport barges of cocoa beans between the harbor in Amsterdam and Cargill’s factory in Zaandam. The hull of the vessel is made out of HDPE, a special type of plastic, and is the first of its kind. The installed battery container is modular and can easily be switched for a different energy source if necessary.