LH2 Europe & C-Job | Liquid Hydrogen Tanker

C-Job Naval Architects has worked in collaboration with LH2 Europe to design a brand new class of liquid hydrogen tanker. C-Job developed the initial design of the 141 meter liquid hydrogen tanker which boasts a storage capacity of 37,500 cubic meters.

Liquid hydrogen tanker 37500 m3 cargo capacity
Liquid hydrogen tanker by LH2 Europe & C-Job top view sailing
LH2 Europe C-Job Naval Architects liquid hydrogen tanker back view
LH2 Europe C-Job Naval Architects liquid hydrogen tanker by night 3
LH2 Europe C-Job Naval Architects liquid hydrogen tanker by night side view

LH2 Europe will set up a green hydrogen supply chain from Scotland to Germany, with a view to expand to other parts of Europe as demand will increase. Current vessels in operation are not able to deliver at the scale LH2 Europe envisions. Therefore, they worked together with C-Job Naval Architects to create a solution.

C-Job has created an initial design of a liquid hydrogen tanker. The tanker features three liquid hydrogen tanks, each with a capacity of 12,500 cubic meters. The total capacity of 37,500 cubic meters will provide fuel for 400.000 cars or 20.000 heavy trucks in a single voyage.

Liquid hydrogen provides unique challenges in ship design and engineering. As it is high in volume but 20 times lighter than LNG, C-Job developed the unique trapezium-shaped hull design which creates enough deck space to fit the tanks without the need for ballast.

Project specifications

Vessel type
Liquid hydrogen tanker
Length overall
141.75 m
Rule length
135.75 m
34.90 m
8.75 m
Draught design
5.80 m
Installed power
5,000 kWe
14 knots
14 crew
Cargo tank capacity
3 x 12,500 m3