Concordia Damen | AB INITIO

C-Job Naval Architects supported Concordia Damen with the winning tender and delivered the initial design for futuristic instruction ship AB INITIO for STC Group. STC Group is the leading educational association in the Netherlands for the maritime, transport, and harbour industry.


AB INITIO is a state-of-the art instruction ship to train future boatman and boatmaster and is a great example of sustainable ship design. It is built with recyclable materials, has hybrid propulsion, and partially generates its own energy due to 200 m² of solar panels. The ship is made future-proof because of the changeable generators, and is easily adaptable for a fuel cell or hydrogen if required.

C-Job started with a simplistic ship design and made adjustments to make the ship look futuristic, innovative and recognizable, an important requirement of the tender. This design approach also makes the build more affordable. An interesting angle is that the ship mainly transports people, so it’s relatively light. Designing a shallow ship complicates the design, which we solved by creating a hull shape that cuts through the water.

AB INITIO is not only an instruction ship, it’s also an innovative field lab. Companies will be able to test innovative maritime products and services, in collaboration with students. Next to that, the ship offers students opportunities to learn practical and theoretical skills. This ship is comfortable, safe, and complies to current regulations.

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front view of AB INITIO at sea
side view of AB INITIO at sea