CSBC | Green Jade

C-Job supported CSBC with the basic design of heavy lift and offshore wind installation vessel ‘Green Jade’. ‘Green Jade’ features a crane with 4,000 tons of lifting capacity and DP3 capability. Furthermore, the offshore wind installation vessel will have dual-fuel propulsion (diesel and LNG), a waste heat recovery system, and carry a Green Passport and Clean Design notation.

The project includes the integration and pedestal design integration of the main crane, as supplied by Huisman, as well as the boom rest design including the integration with the accommodation and vessel structure. C-Job performed the related intact and damage stability calculations using a NAPA model.

Additionally, C-Job performed the global FEA longitudinal strength checks, the integration of the auxiliary crane and pedestal design which can be installed at multiple locations across the deck, and the integration of the propulsion thrusters. Furthermore, we looked after the related class approval documents and supported CSBC with the class approval process.

The ship was launched by CDWE, a joint venture between CSBC and DEME Offshore, and entered service in 2023.