Seaway7 | Seaway Ventus

C-Job Naval Architects was responsible for the full design review of the shipyards’ basic- and detail design package for the jack-up rig ‘Seaway Ventus’ on behalf of Seaway7. Seaway Ventus is a jack-up heavy lift vessel capable of installing the largest wind turbines as well as wind turbine foundations.

The full design review activities included a thorough check of the system diagrams, proposed improvements by the different disciplines working together at C-Job to come to the optimized design. An example of improvement incorporated in our feedback was adding additional drainage points to the steel deck area to ensure sufficient water runoff.

Previously the project was known as ‘VIND 1’. Seaway7 announced the vessel’s name in November 2021 with ‘Ventus’ meaning ‘wind’ in Latin.