C-Job Naval Architects and Ampelmann have together created an offshore wind feeder vessel with motion compensation technology. The offshore wind feeder is a unique solution to support the construction and logistics of offshore wind farms. The Ampelmann motion compensator maximizes workability and allows for safe lifting of the components even in adverse weather.

The wind feeder vessel was designed specifically for the American offshore industry to support ambitious plans to grow the installed offshore wind power. The offshore wind feeder is able to deliver components from shore to the local wind turbine installation vessel (WTIV). With two or more vessels per project, allows the WTIV to focus on the installation of the turbines and ensures operations can continue at all times.

Project specifications

103.5 m
23.8 m
5.5 m
Sailing speed
13 knots
20 crew + 12 passengers
Workability Ampelmann system
up to 2.5 m Hs
Additional features