Concordia Damen | A-ROSA SENA

C-Job supported Concordia Damen with the concept, basic, and detail design and engineering of a river cruise vessel for the German cruise company A-ROSA. The ship presents a unique concept with four passenger decks and will have the largest passenger capacity for inland cruises with a record total of 140 cabins.

Close up of river cruise vessel A-Rosa Sena
A-ROSA SENA in Köln.

This river cruise vessel is equipped with a wellness centre, two swimming pools, three restaurants, and kids entertainment. All standard cabins include a private balcony for maximum comfort. To enable zero-emission while manoeuvring in ports, the A-ROSA is diesel-electric hybrid propulsion.

Concordia Damen assigned C-Job Naval Architects to design and engineer the vessel according to the initial design supplied by A-ROSA. Concept, basic and detail design was performed by C-Job. This included the integration of purchased equipment and stability calculations.

The ship has been in operation since the spring of 2022.

A-Rosa Sena pictured while she
A-Rosa Sena river cruise vessel seen from bird
cruise vessel AROSA at sea render