GVB | Ro-Ro Ferry

C-Job created the concept design of a series of five sustainable car and passenger ferries for GVB Amsterdam. The vessels are fully electric, thus providing an emission-free transport solution.

GVB ro-ro ferry at sea Amsterdam render side view

The ro-ro ferries are able to recharge their batteries in a maximum of four minutes – the time while passengers leave and board the ship. This allows the ferries to operate 24/7 without overnight charging. Each ferry has a capacity of 245 tons which equates to 400 passengers / 20 trucks / 4 trucks. The ferries will be constructed by Holland Shipyards Group. The first ferry is entered service in 2021.

Project specifications

Length overall
41.0 m
Breadth overall
13.9 m
Battery capacity
2 x 340 kWh
400 passengers / 20 cars / 4 trucks