TESO | Texelstroom

C-Job Naval Architects developed the design of ro-ro ferry ‘Texelstroom’ in collaboration with her owner TESO.


TESO Texelstroom ferry in operation at sea birds eye view
TESO Texelstroom ferry in operation at sea side view

The ‘Texelstroom’ is a double-ended ferry operating between the Dutch island Texel and Den Helder. C-Job created the initial, concept, and basic design together with her owner TESO. During the construction of the vessel, C-Job also supported TESO with building supervision at the shipyard.

The ro-ro ferry has a capacity of 1,750 passengers as well as 380 cars or 34 trucks and 261 cars. The vessel features innovative solutions such as a T-shaped beam to increase capacity, CNG/diesel hybrid propulsion, ‘peak shaving’ batteries, and solar panels across the top deck.

Project specifications

Length overall
135.4 m
Breadth max
27.9 m
Breadth hull
23.0 m
Design draft
4.4 m
1,451 tons
Main engines
2x ABC dual fuel 12DZC and 2x ABC diesel 12DZD
Speed max
15.4 kn
Pax capacity
Freight & car capacity
34 trucks + 261 cars / 380 cars
Lloyds Register